Check out the answers below before you email us; you just might find your answer here!

How can I obtain permission to show WAR ROOM or one of the previous films at church, on a military base, in a prison, or at another public location?

You will need a site license.


War Room: http://providentfilms.org/film/war-room

Courageous: http://www.providentfilms.org/courageous/

Fireproof: http://www.providentfilms.org/movieevents/fireproof

Facing the Giants: http://www.providentfilms.org/movieevents/facingthegiants

Flywheel: http://www.providentfilms.org/movieevents/flywheel


Please contact Provident Films directly: 1-800-474-9224 or via email to customerservice@providentfilms.org. Further information can be obtained from http://www.swank.com/insti/license.html or at 1-800-876-5577.


Can I send the Kendrick Brothers my script, book, or movie idea for them to consider using as the next Kendrick Brothers movie?

Please do not send scripts, books or movie ideas via email, Facebook, or in the mail. Based on the counsel of our legal team, the Kendrick Brothers do not accept any unsolicited story or script submissions, even for review. Please know that we understand exactly how it feels to have so many great ministry and story ideas that we wish could be made into movies. However, we already have many ideas and movie plots waiting in our prayer incubator! Pray for us rather than sending us your idea or script.

Are the Kendrick Brothers accepting applications?

We are not currently accepting applications for potential actors, crew members, or for employment within the company.

Can I send Kendrick Brothers my song or movie score to consider using for the next Kendrick Brothers movie?

At the current time, we are not looking for or accepting music (songs, lyrics or scores).

Can Alex or Stephen speak at my event?

Premiere Speakers handles all speaking requests for Alex and Stephen and for many other members of the cast from WAR ROOM.

How can I arrange an interview with Alex or Stephen for my TV station, radio station, or other media outlet?

All interview requests should be directed to jennifer@iconmediagroup.com.

I am struggling with a serious life issue and need to talk with someone. Who do you recommend?

We encourage you to contact our ministry friends at FOCUS ON THE FAMILY (http://family.custhelp.com): You can chat, email, or contact a counselor here. They also have a toll-free number: 855-771-4357 (Monday-Friday, 6 am - 8 pm Mountain time) or YOUR LOCAL CHURCH. If you aren't currently involved in a local church, we recommend the church finder feature at www.truelife.org.

If I want to become a Christian filmmaker, where do I get training?

PRAY FIRST: Filmmaking is very influential, and you will be held accountable by God for the influence of your films. It is very important to prayerfully consider the cost before aspiring to become a filmmaker.

RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENT: We recommend that you start in a low-risk, low-cost situation by shooting and editing short videos. Learn the art of basic storytelling. Try to inform, inspire, or make people laugh or cry in less than five minutes. Then slowly make bigger and longer movies as your skills develop. Begin to build your own library of filmmaking books, websites, and resources. Check out the book OUTSIDE HOLLYWOOD by Isaac Botkin and the great links, books, and articles on Isaac's website. We developed the FIREPROOF PRODUCTION FILES CD-ROM and filled it with our prayer strategies, team values, production spreadsheets, and production files to help new filmmakers better plan and organize their productions. While this resource is not all ecompassing, it is a great launching pad to any production. 

ATTEND TRAINING EVENTS: We recommend that you attend the International Christian Visual Media Conference and the Christian Worldview Film Festival as great places to feature your work, receive training, and network with other Christian filmmakers.

ENROLL IN A CHRISTIAN FILM-SCHOOL: Each of these universities offers formal film training for those who desire to become Christian filmmakers.

Does the Kendrick's new production company mean that Sherwood Pictures will never make another movie?

No. Though Sherwood Pictures is not currently planning to produce a movie in the near future, they are leaving that door open as the Lord leads.

Is Sherwood Pictures still an active ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church?

Yes. Sherwood Church continues to cultivate the ministry of their current four films: Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, and Courageous and any related products. They also continue to receive testimonies of life-change from around the world and welcome guests who want to visit Sherwood.

Are the Kendrick Brothers still a part of Sherwood?

Yes. Though they no longer serve on staff, they continue to attend Sherwood with their families and are active church members. You can read more about their transition here.

Is there someone on Facebook impersonating Alex Kendrick and asking for money?

Unfortunately the answer is yes. There have been multiple fraudulent people who have set up false Alex Kendrick Facebook pages. Typically they pretend to be Alex, post some spiritual-sounding comments, and solicit money for a fake ministry cause like an orphanage in Africa. We have notified Facebook each time we become aware of these fraudulent accounts. Alex has not and will not solicit funds on Facebook for any cause. The official Facebook site for the Kendricks is The Kendrick Brothers.