Alex Kendrick

Writer & Director

Alex Kendrick is a follower of Jesus Christ and has a passion to tell stories of hope and redemption. He is a co-writer for the screenplays and books, and he’s the director and editor for Kendrick Brothers’ films.
Alex has spoken to churches, universities, conferences, and businesses all across America and in other countries. He has been featured on FOX News, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, Time Magazine, and many other media outlets. He is a graduate of Kennesaw State University and attended seminary before being ordained into ministry.
Alex and his wife, Christina, live in Albany, Georgia, with their six children. They are active members of Sherwood Church in Albany.

Stephen Kendrick

Writer & Producer

Stephen Kendrick has dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ and to making Him known around the world. He is a co-writer for the screenplays and books and the producer for Kendrick Brothers’ films.

Stephen has spoken to churches, conferences, and seminars around the nation, and has been interviewed by FOX and Friends, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, The Washington Post, and other media outlets. He is a co-founder and board member of the Fatherhood Commission. He graduated from Kennesaw State University and attended seminary before being ordained into ministry.

Stephen and his wife, Jill, live in Albany, Georgia, with their six children. They are active members of Sherwood Church in Albany.

Shannon Kendrick

Director of Operations

Shannon Kendrick, the eldest brother, joined Alex and Stephen at Kendrick Brothers in September 2011 after having worked as a software engineer for IBM in Atlanta, Georgia for more than 20 years. Shannon is a Georgia Tech graduate and brings IT expertise and business experience to the team along with a heart for Christ-centered and kingdom-minded projects.
Shannon is married to Gisselle and lives in Albany, Georgia with their seven children. They are active members of Sherwood Church in Albany.

Kim Sancinito

Executive Assistant

Kim Sancinito provides administrative support and handles communications for Kendrick Brothers. A Georgia Tech graduate, she worked as an office manager for a law firm and as a software trainer for Procter and Gamble.

Kim loves using her administrative gifts to serve the Lord and work on Christ-honoring projects that minister to families. She served on the productions of Flywheel, Facing the Giants, and Fireproof, and joined the Kendrick Brothers team in Spring 2010 to work on the production of Courageous.

Kim is married to Chuck and lives in Albany, Georgia with their three children.

Brenda Harris

Communications Associate / Prayer Coordinator

Brenda Harris joined our team in 2013. She works on a variety of communications needs of our team, updating social media, writing and editing for various projects, and frequently updating our Prayer Warriors with specific ways to pray for our ministry. She also served as the on-set prayer coordinator and Mom during the productions of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER and LIFEMARK. Prior to joining the Kendrick Brothers team, Brenda was an editor at LifeWay Christian Resources. 
Brenda loves to study God’s Word and spend time with Him in prayer. She speaks at various women’s events and likes to travel, connect with people, and encourage others in their faith journey. 
Brenda has been married to her best friend Mike for over 50 years. They live in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and serve in a variety of ministries at Northside Baptist Church. Their daughter and son-in-law, Stephanie and Justin, and their granddaughter, Amber Joy, have returned from serving in Papua New Guinea and now live close by.

Mark Miller

Special Projects Producer

Mark joined the Kendrick Brothers’ team in September 2019 and has since produced and edited Show Me the Father, supervised post-production on Lifemark, created video and graphic displays for The Forge, and taken on multiple roles for in-house productions. He has a background in audio engineering and a passion for storytelling and non-fiction film.

Mark is married to Heather, lives in Albany, Georgia and is father to four young men.

Paul D. Anderson

Special Projects Producer

Paul Anderson wants to see others experience the love of Jesus through film. He is married to his best friend, Kelsie Anderson. They parented their son Elijah for 19 months; now he lives in heaven with Jesus.
He earned his Bachelors in Film and Video Production from Full Sail University and has worked with companies such as; DEFY Products, Gateway Church, The Music Bed and Messenger International. Since 2008, he’s outfitted video production studios, while working on commercials, music videos, mini-docs, short films, and has had various roles on feature films. He joined the Kendrick Brothers team in August of 2021. Paul and Kelsey live in Albany, Georgia.

Josh Kendrick

Videographer | Editor

Josh Kendrick is a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. He recently graduated from Lee University with a major in Cinema studies. He has a passion to create films, especially ones that share the Gospel and inspire others to chase the Lord wholeheartedly. 

Josh joined the Kendrick Brothers team in the fall of 2023 and helped work on the films Overcomer and The Forge. 

Josh currently lives in Albany, GA and is the oldest of six siblings. His dream is to walk in his father’s footsteps in creating movies and doing ministry for the Lord. He also loves to play basketball, pickleball, and golf.

Dan Cleghorn

Faithstep Studios Manager

Dan became a follower of Christ at an early age and dedicated his life to making Christ known. He has served in various church and Pro-Life ministries, most recently serving the christian filmmaking community through the Christian Worldview Film Festival.
Dan’s passion for making Christ known through christian media has led him to work on many film productions ranging from church livestreams to feature films.  
Dan is married to Pam, who, together with their three children, moved to Albany, Georgia in 2023 to join the Kendrick Brothers’ team.