Happy New Year From the Kendricks!

We are grateful for your prayers and encouragement as we continue post-production work on Movie Five. We will have many exciting updates to share with you after the new year. Until then we want to give you a challenge for the new year.


What better gift could you give your pastor than the gift of daily prayer? We encourage you to commit to honor your pastor by praying for him every day and to invite other members of your church to join you in prayer for the one who leads your church spiritually. Darold Lyles of Northside Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN, prepared an excellent day-by-day plan to pray for his pastor. Check out this outline and feel free to share it with others:

“Remember those who led you and spoke the Word of God to you.”
– Hebrews 13:7

SUNDAY – I pray for my pastor as a PREACHER-TEACHER.

  • I pray that Christ may be lifted up through him and his words.
  • I pray that he may experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
  • I pray that needs will be met, hearts will be blessed, and lives will be changed through the preaching of God’s Word by my pastor.

MONDAY – I pray for my pastor as a SERVANT-LEADER.

  • I pray that he may lead his staff and family with the wisdom, direction, and sensitivity that only the Holy Spirit can give him.
  • I pray that he will offer guidance to the overseers and lay leadership of the church that will bring unity, shared vision, and the will of God.

TUESDAY – I pray for my pastor as a PERSON.

  • I pray for his health and that God gives him a Sabbath rest this week.
  • I pray for him as a husband, father, brother, and that those cherished times in his home and around others will be a blessing to his soul and to the souls of his loved ones.
  • I pray that temptations, the devil, or the things of earth will not overtake his spirit with lies, preoccupation, or misplaced priorities.

WEDNESDAY – I pray for my pastor as a PASTOR.

  • I pray that the Holy Spirit may be the Encourager and Comforter of souls through my pastor as he counsels others, performs funerals and weddings, and exhibits the love of Christ in his daily acts of ministry.
  • I pray that as a pastor to his staff he will emulate the grace, strength, and compassion of the Good Shepherd toward them.

THURSDAY – I pray for my pastor as a PROPHET.

  • I pray as he prepares his sermons that the Word of God will be fully revealed to his heart and that he rightly interprets, applies, and handles the Word in his preaching.
  • I pray that the vision God has for our church – His people – will be clearly revealed and interpreted through my pastor.

FRIDAY – I pray for my pastor as an EVANGELIST.

  • I pray that God will continue to give him a heart for the lost, open doors and courage to share, and make him an effective and fruitful soul winner.
  • I pray that God will use him to equip our church family to be soul winners and disciple makers for God’s kingdom.

SATURDAY – I pray for my pastor as a DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST.

  • I pray that my pastor will continue to discover new depths of understanding as a student of God’s Word.
  • I pray that he may ever find a consistent balance between the Word and deed as he follows Jesus daily.
  • I pray that he may be an effective disciple maker and when he stands before God one day, he will be found faithful.
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