Like Arrows: FamilyLife’s First Film

Alex and Stephen Kendrick Serve as Executive Producers for LIKE ARROWS

Have you heard about LIKE ARROWS? What started as a new parenting resource has become a powerful movie that will make its debut in hundreds of theaters in May of 2018 as FamilyLife launches LIKE ARROWS as its first full-length feature film. Layered with inspiration and heart, the full feature will be shown as a two-day-only event on May 1 and 3 on more than 800 screens and in every state. (To learn more about the movie, find out where it will be showing, and how to reserve tickets, go to

Poster for "Like Arrows", the FamilyLife feature film produced by the Kendrick Brothers

Following a couple from their first pregnancy to their 50th anniversary, the film takes viewers through the joys and trials of parenting and shows the powerful effect that family has to shape the next generation. More than entertaining, LIKE ARROWS uniquely portrays a couple journeying through every phase of parenting.

“The parenting journey is both incredibly challenging and incredibly rewarding at the same time,” says FamilyLife’s Bob Lepine.“We wanted to take viewers on what we hope will be a very relatable journey. And in the process, we hope they’ll be inspired to make their faith more core to how they function as a family.”

But a feature movie wasn’t originally in the script. The initial plan was to create a continuing story that would unfold over six weeks as part of a new video curriculum. As the storyline came together, it was clear the impact of the story was even stronger when it was viewed as a whole.

The key was a good script and good directing. Alex and Stephen Kendrick served as executive producers and recommended their friend Kevin Peeples to serve as the film’s director. Peeples collaborated with Alex Kendrick and Bob Lepine on the script and together they have produced an exceptional movie that takes viewers through the 50-year parenting journey.

The movie’s title, LIKE ARROWS, is drawn from Psalm 127:3-5

“Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!”

This passage reminds us that children are not just a wonderful blessing, but a strategic responsibility. Parents are to raise the children God has given them and launch them with clear direction into the world, “like arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior.”

LIKE ARROWS is part of a special FamilyLife initiative to equip this generation of parents. An exciting new curriculum called The Art of Parenting® will be released by FamilyLife at the same time as the film.

Two themes resonate with those who have seen a preview of LIKE ARROWS:

  1. Successful parenting involves intentionality; moms and dads can’t be passive as parents.

  2. No matter what issues you face in raising your children, it’s never too late to change course and follow God’s design.

The ultimate goal of the movie is not just to entertain viewers, but to point them to real help and hope for their home and family. Dennis Rainey, co-founder of FamilyLife, says, “Our goal is to reach more than one million homes around the world over the next three years with practical, biblically anchored help for moms and dads as they raise the next generation.”

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