Praying for Movie 5

The power of prayer is a major theme of Movie 5 and the power of prayer was vital for our team during the filming of Movie 5. Local prayer warriors in the Concord/Charlotte area joined with over 1000 other pray-ers who signed up through our website to stand in the gap during each day of production. A daily prayer sheet was distributed with our verse-of-the-day, praises and specific prayer needs for each day of filming. Prayers were lifted for our team from practically every state and over 33 countries!

What a blessing to hear from our pray-ers:

  • “Thank you for sending the specific needs. Will be in prayer over each one. So excited about this movie and how God will use it to touch many lives!”
  • “So excited to pray for Movie 5! All of the prior movies have spoken to our hearts and opened us up for more conversation of how we can walk closer with God. Thank you for the email and having us be a part of it all!”
  • “May our precious Lord and Savior be glorified through Movie 5. What an incredible privilege it is to be a part of His work. I am beyond excited!! God bless you all!”
  • “Each movie you’ve produced has had such an impact on my heart … It will be even more exciting to watch knowing I got to pray during every day of production! Thanks for the privilege!”

Several times the prayer sheet included a list of each department involved in the production. Pray-ers were encouraged to choose one department each day to specifically pray for. Many warriors responded to share who they were praying for:

  • “It has been a joy to join your prayer team. I have been so blessed praying for all of you and using those same prayers for my family and the ministries I am involved in. Today I am praying for the interns. God so loves whose that are willing to learn new things!!”
  • “As an ex-truck driver here in Australia and as men’s ministry pastor at my church, the men have been getting together each week to pray through the points you have sent us during the week and SPECIFICALLY for the transportation [department] … May the Lord bless and keep you and the people in ALL departments, the machinery and the support … including weather, be continuing evidence of the providence of the Lord who is, after all, the producer.”

Thank you, prayer warriors! Your faithful intercession carried our team through 30 days of filming. We witnessed God at work in every detail. His Word was declared every day during our devotion time and we’ve seen evidence of His work in the lives of those on-set and in the entire production.

Don’t stop praying now! Post-production has begun and we continue to pray and believe that Movie 5 will be a catalyst God uses to call His people back to their knees; restore homes, families and churches; and unite the body of Christ.

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