THE FORGE is coming to theaters on August 23

THE FORGE is coming to theaters on August 23, 2024! And you will immediately recognize some of the stellar cast.

The film reunites beloved characters and themes from WAR ROOM and the additional actors from COURAGEOUS, OVERCOMER, and FIREPROOF. You’ll immediately smile when you see prayer warrior Miss Clara, played by Karen Abercrombie, as well as T.C. Stallings and Alena Pitts (Tony and Danielle). Priscilla Shirer reprises her character from WAR ROOM in THE FORGE and pulls double duty as Elizabeth’s twin sister Cynthia. Add to that Cameron Arnett from OVERCOMER and Ken Bevel from COURAGEOUS and FIREPROOF.

The Heart of the Forge

Superbowl champion, husband and father Benjamin Watson makes his Kendrick Brothers debut in THE FORGE, as do Aspen Kennedy, Jonathan Evans, and Tommy Woodard.

Prayer and discipleship are the themes of THE FORGE, featuring a committed Christian man who mentors a high school graduate unsure of what to do with his life.

“In our culture, so many people say they believe in God, but their walk with God is very lukewarm and half-hearted,” Stephen Kendrick said. “Discipleship means it’s time to get on fire and all in, and this movie will push you, encourage you, inspire you to be all in for Christ.”

“It’s a forging process to be a disciple,” Alex Kendrick added. “Jesus says, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny himself, take up his cross and follow Me.’ So in other words, this is a different level of following Jesus — not just belief that He is the Son of God … but also following Him with your life,” he continued. “You can’t be Jesus’ disciple in a lukewarm status.” 

Join us in prayer for God to do more than we could ask or imagine through the message of THE FORGE!

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