War Room is Coming to Theaters August 28th!

The Kendrick Brothers are excited to announce that their fifth film, WAR ROOM, is scheduled to debut in theaters across the America on Friday, August 28, 2015. Written to entertain audiences of all ages and appealing to both men and women, WAR ROOM tells the story of Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a couple who seemingly have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter, and their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the Jordans’ marriage has become a war zone and their daughter is collateral damage. As Tony’s heart drifts away from his wife, Elizabeth encounters an elderly widow who teaches her how to fight for her family by developing a secret prayer room in her home.

Like Fireproof did with marriage, and Courageous did with fatherhood, WAR ROOM focuses on the transformational role that prayer can play in an individual’s life. “We made this film to inspire, challenge, and motivate families to fight the right kind of battles and to fight them the best way possible,” said Director and co-writer Alex Kendrick.

“Prayer is so much more than people realize,” said Producer and co-writer Stephen Kendrick. “It can powerfully affect every problem and need in our lives if engaged from within a vibrant relationship with God. We’re going after something here that could radically improve our culture, and moviegoers will experience it within the context of an inspiring and emotional story.”

“Prayer is so much more than people realize.” -Stephen Kendrick.

Provident Films and AFFIRM Films have partnered with the Kendricks again to release WAR ROOM in theaters. Rory Bruer, President, Worldwide Distribution for Sony Pictures said, “We are pleased to be distributing the Kendrick brothers’ next film, which will be the perfect programming for families seeking a wholesome and inspiring summer movie.”

The movie features New York Times best-selling author and Bible teacher Priscilla Shirer in her film debut. “I’m honored to be working with the Kendricks, and to be part of a story that encourages people to pray,” Shirer said. “Prayer is the most powerful weapon the church has to unlock the activity of heaven on earth.”

In addition to Shirer, the cast of WAR ROOM includes T.C. Stallings, Alex Kendrick, Comedian Michael Jr., and Karen Abercrombie. It introduces newcomer Alena Pitts as Danielle and features a cameo by renown teacher and author Beth Moore in her first acting role.

Select leaders from around the country who have seen a private screening of WAR ROOM have been inspired by the quality and message of the film. Travis Agnew, Family Discipleship & Worship Pastor at North Side Baptist in Greenwood, SC, is partnering with the Kendricks to write a follow-up curriculum for the film. “It is one of the most powerful [movies] I’ve seen,” Travis shared on his blog. “Each time I have seen the film I either want to cry my eyes out, run through a brick wall, or charge hell with a water pistol!” 


Thank you again for your support and we look forward to sharing more exciting developments about WAR ROOM soon!

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