Press Release for Movie 5

Press Release for Movie 5 from the Kendrick Brothers

Kendrick Brothers Productions wrapped up the filming of Movie 5 on July 28th in Concord/Charlotte, North Carolina. While the title of the movie and its release date have not yet been confirmed, you can read the latest news about the movie here!

Praying for Movie 5

Kendrick Brothers Surrendered In Prayer on the set of War Room the movie

The power of prayer is a major theme of Movie 5 and the power of prayer was vital for our team during the filming of Movie 5. Local prayer warriors in the Concord/Charlotte area joined with over 1000 other pray-ers who signed up through our website to stand in the gap during each day of […]

Moving Ahead on Movie 5

Moving into Production of War Room

The Kendrick brothers are now shifting into the production of Movie 5. Over the last five months we set up a production office, conducted online and live casting sessions, locked in our crew, and scouted the needed locations for the story. Every location is visually rich and completely fresh to us. God has provided an […]

Movie Planning Continues!

War Room Movie Planning

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement. We are inspired and excited as we continue with the script writing and research for the next movie. God continues to confirm and bless the direction. This Spring we will be casting actors, selecting our crew, and scheduling the details of the production. Currently, we have […]